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Justice for Children is a coalition of concerned citizens established to promote justice for child victims of criminal-level abuse and support for the Arthur D. Curtis Children's Justice Center of Clark County, Washington.

Justice for Children cares about all kids in our community and believes that we should do all we can as a community when a crime against a child has been committed. We also believe that our community is very fortunate to have the Arthur D. Curtis Children's Justice Center (CJC) in our midst, sensitively and skillfully to help prevent any further trauma to a child victim and effectively identify and hold perpetrators in our community accountable.

Be a Voice

Justice for Children supports all of the Children's Justice Center Programs! You can help, too!

You can help by becoming involved.  Involvement can be as simple as "liking" our Facebook page. A quick click and you've helped. It helps expand our community and create greater awareness of our mission.

The number of children using the services of Children's Justice Center continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. Last year CJC received over 3000 reports of possible felony crimes against children, held 150 perpetrators of abuse crimes accountable, sentencing them to a total over 500 years of confinement time. In addition, hundreds of children and non-offending family members received support and linkages to the health care to promote healing from trauma.

Justice for Children's Goals are to:

  • Sustain the center and the comprehensive team response to child abuse crimes
  • Promote CJC's efforts to provide non-offending parents with necessary support
  • Strengthen CJC's effectiveness in linking children and families to healing services
  • Increase the communities understanding of child abuse crimes in our community.
  • Promote legislation that advances the protections and justice for child victims of crime

We hope you will join our efforts to support the important work of the Children's Justice Center.

Justice for Children - Clark County
c/o Children's Justice Center
PO Box 61992
Vancouver, Washington 98666
Phone: 360-397-6002
Fax:  360-397-6019